Vector Shield Icons

Hello, today I’d like to share cool resource for graphic designers, 2 high quality premium vector images. Heraldy shields are so trendy today, so here you have two different images with individual color scheme (yellow and purple). These two shield icons are vector solid shapes, so you can edit them as you wish. Just place your text, corporate logo or your name, and it’s ready to print or if you are a web designer you can also reduce the size of vector image and use it as an icon on your new web page.
Premium Vector Shield

keywords: shield icon, web design icon, vector shield, vector resource, web design resources, icon
size: 1,4 MB
format: PDF, SVG, EPS

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Sep.12, 2011/Freebies, Icons, Vectors/Comments 1

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  1. rsr | February 19th, 2012 at 23:28

    Nice artwork thanx