12 jQuery Login Form Examples

Default login forms are boring and that’s for certain. We can do a lot of really dynamic, advanced and awesome things by writing just few lines of javascript codes.

Today we present a list of 12 most beautiful jQuery login forms that will give Your web page a new cool look. These jQuery forms were developed by some of the finest coders around.

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#1 In-Field Labels jQuery Plugin

This is a simple plugin that turns properly formatted HTML forms into forms with in-field label support. Labels fade when the field is focussed and disappear when text entry begins. Clearing a field and leaving brings back the label.

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#2 Build An Incredible Login Form With jQuery

In this tutorial, we’ll create a sliding panel, that slides in to reveal more
content, using JQuery to animate the height of the panel. In this case, we will
be creating a hypothetical login for the new tutsplus area that’s coming soon.

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#3 Perfect signin dropdown box likes Twitter with jQuery

Today, I will make an entry to show you how to create a login drop down with Twitter style using jQuery. It’s really easy, it’ll help you save the space of your webpage and make visitors feel comfortable by the awesome toggle login form

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#4 A Simple jQuery Dropdown Login Form

How to Create a Clean and Stylish Login Form In Photoshop I will walk you through how to code the form up from the initial Photoshop concept into HTML5/CSS3, I will also use the awesomeness that is @font-face to implement the stylish Miso font.

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#5 Login Form (Free Resource) – PSD, HTML, CSS3, jQuery

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#6 Create a Slick CSS3 Login Form NO IMAGES ALLOWED

The goal of this post is to harness some new functionality provided by CSS3 and move away from images. We are going to create a CSS3 login form without images yet still have a visually pleasing result.

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#7 Nice clean sliding login panel built with jquery

This script is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.
The sliding panel works like a charm in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. I didn’t test it in IE8 yet. Let me know if it does.

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#8 Smooth Animated Login and Signup Form with CSS3 and JQuery

I will show you how to create a simple jquery validation based login form. Some animation is used to get effects and its simple and easy to use.

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#9 jFormer

jFormer is form framework written in PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. jFormer allows developers to spend less time coding and validating their forms, and spend their time working with form data instead.
At 18K gzipped, jFormer is one of the first frameworks that comes Closure Compiled with Google’s latest JavaScript compression technology.
jQuery Log In Form

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#10 FormBox – A jQuery & CSS3 Drop-Down Menu With Integrated Forms

oday I’d like to share something new with you – I call it jQuery FormBox. When designing the layout for a website there’s one thing that we as designers are always conscious of – making things easier for users. No matter what it is your site offers, you’re still going to need to balance the interface in a way that keeps it very easy for users to find and perform core site functions around your site or service, ideally without having to load up a completely different page.

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#11 jQuery FormLabels

With FormLabels you can easily Insert subtle form hints whilst displaying a different and attractive form design.

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#12 Animated Form Switching with jQuery

In this tutorial we will create a simple animated form switch with three very common forms. The idea is not to leave the page when the user goes to another form but instead make the new form appear within the same container, expanding or contracting to the dimensions of the new form.
jQuery Login Form

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