17 Useful jQuery Contact Forms For Better Contact

Using jQuery contact form on web sites and applications is pretty much taken for granted nowadays. jQuery contact forms are used every once in a while to add up some spice to the website so the page looks better and more attractive.

In this article we’ve listed 17 jQuery contact form plugins and tutorials that demonstrate not only how powerful jQuery is, but also how your webpage’s contact form can be both unique and usable.

This collection covering almost every type of jQuery contact forms: a jquery popup contact form, a jquery contact form with validation, a simple contact form, an ajax contact form and much more examples. For all of these forms, we’ve listed a “demonstration” link, so have a look below to find all you need.

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#1 A Fancy AJAX Contact Form

In this simple tutorial we are going to make an AJAX contact form. We are using PHP, CSS and jQuery with the help of JQtransform and formValidator plugin.

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#2 Building a Unique Contact Form

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#3 jQuery AJAX Validation Contact Form with Modal + Slide-in Transition

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#4 Submit A Form Without Page Refresh using jQuery

This tutorial show You how to code a contact form that sends an email, without page refresh using jQuery!

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#5 Super AJAX Contact Form

This is an AJAX contact form made with jQuery and PHP. The script already include rules of validations fields and with errors messages. This script allows you to perform SMTP authentications, so do not need a personal SMTP server.

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#6 PHP Contact Form with jQuery Validation

If You need a cool jQuery contact form for your web page but don’t know how to create it, please read along and maybe you’ll get lucky. This jQuery contact form is very helpful in giving your visitors a way to contact you. This tutorial show You how to create your own jQuery contact form using PHP and JQuery.

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#7 Slick Ajax Contact Form with jQuery and PHP

This tutorial shows you how to build a nice-looking, smooth contact form that visitors can use without having to leave the page they’re reading.

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#8 Contactable jQuery Contact Form Plugin

Contactable is a jQuery plugin designed to make contact/feedback forms simpler and more accessible. This plugin will enable you to create a nice contact form on any page of a site with minimal effort.

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#9 Advanced jQuery contact form with php support

This tutorial shows You, how to build an advanced php contact form with the help of Ajax and jQuery. This contact form can have the ability to send mail to user selected address from multiple email addresses. For example, if a business has multiple departments, then people can able to select a particular department they want to contact and the mail will go to the email address that corresponds to the selected department.

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#10 MySQL/PHP/jQuery Contact Form

Here’s an implementation of a contact form with PHP and jQuery. Usually, one would only want the message posted by the user to be sent to an email address. This script does that and also saves all these messages in the database for the admin to keep track of them.

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#11 The Sexy jQuery Contact Form

Hello all, on today’s tutorial we will take a step aside of our classical design tutorials and will be focusing more on the programming part, we’re about to show you how to develop an awesome typewriter experiment with all the primary functions fully operational thanks to the mighty power of jQuery and CSS. But don’t think that this is pure crazy experimentation, because this typewriter can actually be utilized as a brilliant contact form to place on your different projects.

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#12 Using Form Labels as Text Field Values

When designing you sometimes have limited space to put and display all of the form elements. The obvious solution is to get rid of the labels and put only the form text fields. How will the users know what are the text fields for? We will use value attributes and write the explanation in there, something like “Input your email here”.

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#13 jQery PHP Feedback Form

This tutorial will be focus on creating a Feedback form powered by jquery and PHP. You can add this feedback form to your website to receive feedback’s from your web page readers.

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#14 Coding a Sleek PHP/jQuery Contact Form with Runtime Preview

Today we will be coding a sleek and attractive contact form with run time preview using PHP and jQuery. All the design area will be coded in HTML and CSS while jQuery will take care of run time preview. In the back end PHP will work as the main mailing script.

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#15 Create jQuery Form with Progress Bar and Input Limiter

This tutorial shows You how to insert a fancy progress bar to your jQuery-powered web forms.

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#16 WP Contact: jQuery Modal Contact Form

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#17 Create an letter style contact form with css3

This tutorial shows you step by step how to create a contact form with letter style. It shows you how to create the envelope and the letter and how to apply animations on it. This is not a jQuery contact form, but if you use your web design skills you can create an awesome contact form.
jQuery Contact Form

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