40 Amazing Night Photos

Of all the different types of photography showcased on Free Web Elements, night photography is probably one of the most difficult to practice. If you plan on taking a night photo, you must perfect set up your camera. It requires a very specialized equipment and the knowledge of some photo techniques to get a perfect shot.

As a freelancer, sometimes I need high quality night photos to use in my work. So today I present 40 beautiful examples of night photography, created by some hard-working and dedicated photographers. At the top of each night photo you will find some links to authors.

Please feel free to comment upon the selected night scenes.

Urban Photos at Night

Many photographers likes these type of pictures, because they are full of magic. Artificial light transforms the city landscape into a fantastic place of mystery.

Photo by CrystalBeta

Traffic At Night Photography

Photo by Edwin Feng

Night Photography

Photo by CrystalBeta

Old Town at Night

Hong Kong at Night

Photo by Fotoz

Night in Beautiful Paris

Photo by Paul

Town at Night

Photo by Fotoz

Paris Street Night

Light Pollution Photos by Jim Rochardson

Los Angeles City at Night

Big City Night

Photo by Fotoz

Night Town

Photo by Paul Hogie

Night Photography

Photo by Christian Lagat

City Jungle

Lake Photos at Night

Photo by CubaGallery

Night Photography

Photo by Matti Paavonen

Lake in Night

Photo by Joe Bergquist

New York Night

Photo by underdog

National Park at Night

Photo by Don Jensen

Night Foto

Mountain Photography at Night

Mountains are beautiful creation of nature, at night are gorgeous.

Photo by Fotoz

Gory Noca

Photo by Urs Zimmermann

Mountains in Night

Photo by ShiSha

Capetown at Night

Photo by Stefano Anghileri

Night In Italia

Heavenly Bodies Photos

Heavenly bodies at night are strange and magical.

Photo by photonburst

Moon Photography

Photo by KMJ

Night Sky Photo

Photo by Bret Webster

Milky Way at Night

Photo by Bret Webster

Heaven at Night

Photo by Alex Cherney

Space at Night

Space at Night

Space at Night

Space at Night

Space at Night

Space at Night

Nature Photos

Photo by Jim Richardson

Night Photo Forest

Photo by Conlan Murphy

Jungle at Night

Dark Forest

Photo by Peter Essick

Forest in Finland

Forest at Night

Aurora photo by Peter Essick

Aurora Photo

Night landscape photo by Antonio Busiello

Night Landscape

Iceland Aurora photo by Olgeir Andresson

Aurora Iceland

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  1. 2555 | December 15th, 2011 at 01:08

    I like space-at-night-2 the most.. but space-at-night-1 is pretty impressive too. Thank you for all these stunning photos :-)